For School Wide Implementation

Learner Plus – A Story-based Learning Program for Preschool

Learner Plus story-based learning program is customized and designed based on curriculum progress in order to enhance learning and retention of early concepts by using Creative storytelling, Puppets, Theater, Music, Movement and Craft.
Each session will aid in reinforcing concepts  being taught in the classroom It will serve as an excellent extension program to the school curriculum.

AHAM (A Holistic Awareness Model) for Primary School, Middle School and High School

- AHAM is a curriculum-driven program that fosters Thinking skills, emotional skills and social skills for the schooling years.  

- Key skill areas addressed in AHAM are to think critically, understand and manage emotions, set goals, be responsible, show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships and environmental awareness 

- AHAM is integrated with the school in a 360 degree model that includes the child, educator and the parent.
- ​The programme uses Multiple intelligence including music, movement, art, storytelling and theatre based learning.It is highly effective, engaging and sought after by young children.

For Preschool

3C (Curiosity, Creativity and Courtesy ) Learning Program for Playgroup

Curiosity, Creativity and Courtesy  is a unique and effective program for young children using highly interactive, creative & engaging mediums like Storytelling, Music, Movement, Theater based Activities and Craft.This Program is based on individual development and group development.